Peace Love and BOOBS!


Welcome my soul friends and family to a place where I can share my passion for all things involving the feminine body and feminine Divine energy! And boobs of course!

I began this journey of peace love and boobs when I was in my early 20s actually without even realizing what I was doing at the time was opening me up to a level of comfort with my own body that I had never experienced in my life.

I worked in the topless bar scene on and off for a few years. I started as a cocktail waitress. I remember feeling awed by the bravery the dancers had to not just get up in front of an audience and bare their bodies that way, but even more so, I was amazed how they could just sit at a table with someone, topless, and feel comfortable and at ease. And carry on a conversation!

It wasn’t long after I started that I felt pulled to the stage. I became so used to my own naked body. It felt like my uniform! It is hard to explain what being mostly naked most of the day as a job does for your sense of boundaries. For example, when my x husband and I first got together, he was appalled at how I would come out of the shower naked even when people were over. It just never occurred to me anymore to be worried or embarrassed about showing my body!

Now with that said there is a healthy level of shame that has to go on. I had gone too far the other direction and needed balance! I am no longer comfortable walking around nude in front of people. But just a shirt and no bra between them and me? Absolutely! I am good with that!

My pregnancies and subsequent breastfeeding experience opened me up even further to a different level of comfort in my own skin. When you are pregnant, it feels like your body isn’t your own. And it isn’t! It’s a vessel for someone else.

After my first child was born, suddenly my breasts were so much more than they had ever been before. They were sustaining life to a tiny human. I felt a sense of connection and bonding to all my children that I cannot describe in words. I cared for myself in a whole new way also knowing that what I did to my body went directly to theirs.

At first I was nervous to feed my baby in public. I recall their dad standing guard while I wrapped blankets around my son the first time I tried it.

By the third I barely covered anything at all!

And it was also my third pregnancy that really drew me into my braless lifestyle.

I had struggled with the breastfeeding bra thing for a long time. The hooks that pop out a little window of boobie to latch the baby on, and then cover that thing back up once it’s job was compete. They are awkward and uncomfortable. And my breasts changed size so often it was difficult to find one that fit!

I stopped trying on my third pregnancy. My breasts swelled (actually so did my uterus) immediately after getting pregnant the third time. it was like my body went “Oh yeah I remember this!” and boom plopped all my parts back out. By 8 weeks I looked a few months pregnant.

I started wearing brashelf tanks instead of actual bras. And aaaaahhhhhh! the relief! I felt so much more comfortable. Free to move and grove…. and grow. And grow I did!

I wore the brashelf tanks more often than nothing because they at least kept that feeling of security, of everything being held in place that I’d grown accustomed to after a lifetime of wearing over the shoulder boulder holders. But once that baby popped out I found them cumbersome as well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my babies. So just wearing loose tank tops became my costume of choice. I would just pull down the top and feed my baby! Out in public I’d at least go from the bottom of the shirt. Or double up my tops wearing a tighter tank under my top shirt. Then I could pull up my outer shirt and down my under shirt and keep my after baby belly covered too!

I breastfed my babies a long time by our culture’s standards. I nursed my first to two and a half, nursing him through the pregnancy of my second and even tandem nursing them for a full 6 months. The second got a full 2 years, but I didn’t want to nurse through a pregnancy again so once I got pregnant with the third I weaned him.

I knew my third would be my last so I went ahead and let him nurse until he was three and half. We had gotten down to once a day by then and we could have conversations about it when it was time to stop.

I am sharing all of this with you to let you in a little bit to my passion for breasts. My love of the boobies! I see it as so much more than just an object for sexual desire. But I see it as that as well! Hell, I made money with mine for years! So I do get that side of it. But this is also our body. Our place to feel good about ourselves. And to feel comfortable.

Often women say to me Oh I can’t go braless because people will stare. Or I can’t go braless because my boobs sag. Or I can’t go braless because they will flop around.

Girl, if you don’t think my boobs sag or flop around, you are wrong! I nursed and was pregnant for about 8 years straight! My shit flops. I literally cannot run! It would give me a black eye!

But nothing feels more constricting to me then having them held down. Or pushed up. Or squeezed together. (Unless it is by a pair of hands, either my own or a loving partner.)

I tried after the end of my marriage to wear bras again. (I think I thought I’d not find love again being true to myself.) I found bralettes and thought this was the solution I’d been looking for. It is like a short tank top! But I didn’t really like wearing them often either.

I even *gasp* bought a real bra! I put it on and felt like I was being suffocated! That was the worst 10 minutes I’ve had in a long time!

I had finally gotten my body back from my children. I wasn’t about to go constricting it and tying things down. I wanted to be free! I wanted to feel light! And wearing a bra felt like putting on handcuffs to me.

I don’t expect all women to relate to this. But I will be inviting you to try it for one day a week. You also cannot deny that the feeling of taking your bra off is so freeing at the end of the day!

I also recognize not all women have had my life experiences. Not everyone has had the joy of a naked job or breastfeeding their babies. There is no judgement here. You don’t have to have done those things to get to the zone of freedom. You also don’t have to stop wearing a bra all together to get there! Or even at all. Just becoming aware of why you do it. Making it a conscious choice, is enough to change your life.

And if you are suffering with abuse issues and feelings of deep seeded shame of your body, please take this slow. There will be practices coming soon to help open you up to finding the self love that was robbed of you in early life.

If the idea of not wearing a bra disgusts you or scares you, explore that! Why? What are you afraid of? If it feels uncomfortable, I ask you is it really uncomfortable to not wear a bra or have you just gotten so used to the discomfort of wearing one, it is unfamiliar?

These are the questions and topics we will be exploring here. I hope to inspire women to embrace their beautiful and amazing bodies for just the way they are. And to of course cast off those damn bras! At least sometimes.

Thank you for joining me here.