Where’s the Nipple??

I saw an ad recently for a jeweled bikini style top. (I don’t know fashion lingo so feel free to school me on it in the comments or a pm.)

jewelboobsThe top is cute. Sexy. Perfect for a water based boudoir photo shoot or some intimate personal time with a lover. Or just to stare at yourself in the mirror feeling like the Goddess that you are!


One thing bugged me. Bugged the shit out of me actually! There were no nipples in the picture. And there’s no mesh or fabric or anything. It was like looking at nipple-less breasts! And in cases where there has been a mastectomy and the nipples are removed, that is one thing and not offensive or even disturbing in my mind but a form of beauty that goes deeper. No it wasn’t that. It was literally a pair of tits without the nips.  

Why are we so offended by women’s nipples in this culture? Or so titillated?? It’s just a nipple. It’s how a baby gets fed. And yes it can be a source of sexual stimulation, but let’s be honest, done right, any body part can be! A good lover can turn me on holding my hand or giving me a foot massage! So don’t tell me it’s because it’s a sexual thing. Or we wouldn’t be able to look at pictures of humans. And that’s bs anyway because companies do everything they can to sexualize ads pushing that line as hard as they can!

I’ve been with men that were turned on by stimulating their nipples and yet they can walk around topless! So why are their nipples allowed? Those worthless things can’t even feed babies! And let’s face it, they’re not a pretty as a woman’s.

It’s also important to note. Not all women have tiny perky nipples. And that’s a good thing! Some women have huge areolas that take up half their breasts. Some have super long pointy nipples. Some have nipples that face 2 different directions, or straight down. They are all beautiful and would look divine in that jeweled top and deserve to be shown in all their areola glory.

Due to our cultural weirdness about women’s nipples lots of women with their gorgeous large nipples or pokey pointy nipples, feel uncomfortable going without a bra. They feel a level of shame that their nips need covering. They’ll wear padding even when their breasts are large just to stop those offensive points from poking out from even under their underwire!

Why?? I’m seriously asking. Why are women’s nipples so shocking that even in an ad for a top that clearly allows nipples to show thru, the nipples are photoshopped out! Hidden. Disguised! It’s just as distracting and quite frankly misleading. I mean sure. We all know we won’t look like the models in most clothes advertised but this completely removes all nippliage and feels very confusing. There is this kind of underlying thing in our minds as women and maybe men too, that when we see a “model” or actress they represent the ideal. They represent for us an impression of what we are striving to be. (Which brings up a whole other can of worms from me but I’m not going there – yet). So when they completely remove something as important as a fucking nipple, that says to me that nipples are meant to be hidden and shamed out of the sight of people. 

Well you know what I say??

Show us the nipples! Especially when they fucking belong there like in a top where they would show under normal wear circumstances!!

That’s all I’m sayin.

I pledge to continue to do my part to help normalize the nipple. now that I can no longer breastfeed in public I’ll just keep going braless and not work to hide any poking that may be occurring. You’re welcome.


PS – my wordpress seems to think that areola isn’t a word and keeps trying to correct it. The word fuck and shit seem to get by the dictionary corrections so it isn’t because it is a ‘bad word’. It must be because our eyes are too delicate to even see the word areola typed out in a blog post without being titillated or offended so they keep trying to change it to alveolar. That’s much better apparently. Then thinking about nipples!

NIPPLES!! (Sorry for yelling but it felt necessary)