How Does Not Wearing a Bra = Radical Self Love??

How Does Not Wearing a Bra = Radical Self Love??

I am kind of the queen of drawing long distant barely relating conclusions. Well, actually I’m the Queen of not wearing a bra but then also of drawing a very long line from one thing to another and making them relate.

Case in point – No bra = Radical Self Love

Disclaimer! I get this a lot so I feel the need to disclaim it every time. You do not have to give up your precious bra to have this feeling! (Tho I will constantly recommend it) Some women are so attached to their bras and so offended that I’d suggest they ever even let that go. I mean, they have BIG boobs, they couldn’t possibly go braless! Never mind the fact I’m a C cup…. But I am not saying you must give it up, just asking you to explore that feeling with me a bit. So please don’t message me about your big boobs (unless it’s a picture of them under a shirt with no bra – I love it when people send me those!) Don’t message me about your issues with needing a bra. I get it.

Ok, back to my point. My very long windy line….

Let’s be honest. Even the most comfortable bra of all time isn’t that friggin comfortable. When you return home at the end of a long day or you’re getting ready for bed or the shower, you know know there’s a sigh of ahhhhhh as that sucker comes unlatched. By wearing a bra we literally choose to put ourselves in a mild state of discomfort. For what? To what ends? To impress other people? To protect them from possibly seeing a nipple poke through a shirt? *gasp* To stop someone from knowing the truth about where your boobs really sit? Or how small they really are?


There is also a level of discomfort that comes from NOT wearing a bra -in public! At first. 😉 Trust me that goes away quickly! But when you weigh out your worries about what everyone else thinks about you vs how you feel in your body, you may decide, as I have, fuck it! This feels more comfortable!

And let’s face it. Bras make our breasts into this thing they are not. Pushing them up, or together or holding down our pokey nips or stopping them from falling into our armpits or adding a couple cup sizes! But this isn’t a truth. This isn’t how our breasts really look. Our yummy funbags are beautiful in their natural state! Even fake ones, which while they aren’t natural (and probably not safe) they are a woman’s choice and I practice radical acceptance of others as well as self. So even the surgically altered boobs deserve to be untethered! When we choose to not misrepresent our breasts to the worlds, when we choose to show up and say here they are in all their glory! We are radically accepting ourselves for the way we really are. When we roll those pancakes up into a ball and stuff them into a Victoria Secret torture device to try to represent ourselves as this, we aren’t truly loving and accepting ourselves for the way God(dess) made us.

Therefore, by taking your bra off and going out into the world you are proclaiming with all the non vocal cues you can muster “I love myself so much! I accept my body for the way it is in this moment! I do not put myself into contraptions to try to impress others! I love me the way I am!!”

Yeah, it’s a stretch. But stay with me folks. It only goes deeper from here!

I love you. And your gorgeous boobs!